Battle Road Research Services

We provide a range of written and personalized services for our clients. In addition to our regularly written reports, comprised of the Battle Road Advisory service, and our Battle Road IPO Review, we also provide personalized services, such as pro-active calls on stocks of interest, one-on-one calls and face to face meetings to discuss our coverage, as well as on-site visits with some of the management teams of stocks that we research.

The Battle Road Advisory

Our research service is The Battle Road Advisory, which features company-specific reports on technology, consumer, and Electric Vehicle stocks. We currently publish over 90 reports each year across our Software, Manufacturing Technology, Electric Vehicle, and Consumer sector coverage. All of our reports are Buy, Hold, or Sell rated since our clients like to know which stocks we like, and which stocks we would avoid. We cover an eclectic mix of large, mid, and small -cap stocks. Overall, we see ourselves as an independent input into our clients’ investment process.

The Battle Road IPO Review

We also publish the Battle Road IPO Review, a monthly screen for new research ideas in the Technology, Consumer, EV and Manufacturing, and Business Services sectors, based on a unique universe of more than 250 growth-oriented IPOs of the last thirteen years. Our Exploration List is the sub-set of the stocks in the universe that we like as long ideas. Our clients utilize the Battle Road IPO Review as a way to keep apprised of recently-minted IPOs, a source of new investment ideas, including over-heated and orphaned-IPOs, as well as a screen for company management meetings.

Proactive Calls on “Watch List” Stocks

Battle Road Research creates a customized profile for each of our clients, based on their unique stocks of interest within our coverage. This allow us to service our clients according to their unique preferences, which may include value, capital appreciation, growth, and Sell ideas.

One-on-One Analyst Conference Calls and Face-to-Face Meetings

At the suggestion of Battle Road, or the request of client, we conduct a telephone or web conference call to discuss the outlook for a particular stock, or group of stocks in our coverage. This allow us to engage with our clients and allows them to pursue points raised in our reports, or pose questions they may have about the company and its market position, relative to its competition. We also meet with our clients on a regular basis to discuss our views on stocks in our coverage.

Company Management Meetings

From time to time, we will arrange meetings for our clients with companies that fall under our current stock coverage. These meetings take place with senior company management, along with the heads of investor relations. The meetings may include product demonstrations, plant tours, and general discussions regarding the company’s financial position, and marketing strategy.

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