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Battle Road Equity Research Services

The Battle Road Advisory is our research service, which features company-specific reports on technology and consumer stocks. We cover a range of large, mid and small cap stocks within each sector, though our work focuses mostly on mid and small cap names. Our research process blends rigorous financial analysis with insights gleaned industry sources. We present our findings in straight-forward Buy, Hold, or Sell reports.

In addition to our regularly-written reports, we provide several additional services to our institutional clients:

Proactive Calls on “Watch List” Stocks

Battle Road Research creates a customized profile for each of our clients, based on their unique stocks of interest in our sectors. This allows us to service our clients according to their investment preferences, which may include value, capital appreciation, growth and Sell ideas.

One-on-One Analyst Conference Calls and Face to Face Meetings

At the suggestion of Battle Road, or the request of a client, we conduct a telephone or web conference call to discuss the outlook for a particular stock or group of stocks in our coverage. This allows us to engage with our clients and allows them to pursue points raised in our reports, or investigate questions they may have. We also meet with our clients on a regular basis to discuss our current views on stocks in our coverage.

Custom Reports and Queries

From time to time, we produce custom research reports on companies important to our clients. Prior to creating a custom report, we conduct a consultation with the client to determine the scope of the project and home in on the questions the client wishes to explore. This consultation sheds light on a line of inquiry that becomes the focus of the report. We generally work as a team to investigate a particular stock, using our research process to determine the outlook for the company.

The Battle Road IPO Review

The Battle Road IPO Review is a monthly stock screen of more than 180 growth-oriented IPOs of the last seven years. Our monthly analysis features companies in the software, internet, data center and hardware, consumer, and business services sectors.

Stocks are ranked according to a proprietary process which includes quantitative and qualitative measures. Each month we add recent IPOs to our coverage universe as companies become public and consensus estimates emerge. A key highlight of the The Battle Road IPO Review is our Exploration List, which is a sub-set of all stocks that we believe should out-perform the overall coverage universe.

Battle Road Small Cap Snapshots

A series of scouting reports on overlooked stocks in New England and beyond with market caps under $1 billion. Combining fundamental research with key financial metrics, Battle Road’s Small Cap Snapshots are designed to help fund managers and analysts screen for investment ideas in the technology, and consumer sectors. Read more…