Providing fund managers and analysts with an independent voice.

Battle Road Research, founded in October 2001, provides fund managers and analysts with an independent voice on technology, consumer, and electric vehicle stocks. While many equity research firms claim to be independent, our clients rely on the fact that we have never received compensation from any company that we research. Since our inception, more than 20 years ago, we have refrained from investment banking, company-paid reports, and personal investment in the stocks we research. Our sole mission has been, and remains the same: help our clients find stocks to buy and stocks to avoid.

We research a variety of large, mid, and small cap stocks across four sectors.

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The Tech IPO Well Has Run Dry

About the author: Ben Rose is president of Battle Road Research, an independent equity-research firm. After a banner year for initial public offerings of technology companies in 2021, the number of new issues dropped precipitously last year. The stock market correction of 2022 saw the largest tech stocks decline by a greater percentage than the […]

Protolabs: Doubling Down on Injection Molding & CNC Machining

Rather than call out its core manufacturing services as legacy businesses, as the previous management team did in the past, Protolabs is doubling down on the value it can provide in each of its two key manufacturing services: injection molding (IM) and CNC machining. On the IM side, Protolabs is now offering seven-day turnaround time […]

It’s Time for a Real Mustang EV

The resounding box office success of Top Gun: Maverick, in which Tom Cruise reprises his role as fighter pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, is the most recent example of America’s love of nostalgia. Despite the nearly forty year interval between the two films, diehard fans of the original Top Gun and new filmgoers alike were enticed […]

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