Battle Road Research Announces the Battle Road IPO Review

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 

Battle Road Research Announces

the Battle Road IPO Review

A Monthly Survey of Growth-Oriented IPOs

(WALTHAM, MA) Battle Road Research (, an independent stock research firm, has launched The Battle Road IPO Review, a monthly survey focused on the prospects of more than 150 growth-oriented companies that have come public in the last five years. The first issue features stocks across seven sectors: internet, software, hardware, consumer, business services, and manufacturing.

“Our clients tell us they are interested in seeking out new investment opportunities, particularly from among companies that are relatively new to the public markets. As a research-only firm, without an investment banking axe to grind, we are in a unique position to assess the prospects of many of these growth-oriented companies,” according to Ben Z. Rose, President of Battle Road Research.

From its proprietary database of growth-oriented IPOs of the last five years, Battle Roadanalysts utilize qualitative and quantitative measures to help its clients screen for investment opportunities across a range of technology, consumer, business services and manufacturing stocks. The initial focus of the Battle Road IPO Review is on long-oriented ideas. 90 percent of the companies are below $5 billion in market cap, as of mid September, 2012. The Battle Road IPO Review is available in hard copy or directly from Battle Road Research’s website at

Established in 2001,Battle Roadis a research-only firm, not an investment bank, not a broker dealer, and not an asset manager. Unlike Wall Street and regional investment banks, who are paid by the companies they research,Battle Roadhas never accepted compensation from any company that it researches.

“As we set out in search of investment ideas for our clients, we trust that the Battle Road IPO Review will be a helpful addition to our clients’ stock-selection process, and will help further our reputation as a credible stock research company, free from the influence of investment banking,” Rose concluded.

About Battle Road Research

Battle Road Research provides fund managers and analysts with an independent voice on technology, and consumer stocks. Our research process combines rigorous financial analysis with insights gleaned from industry sources. We present our findings in straight-forward Buy, Hold, or Sell research reports. The Battle Road IPO Review is a monthly survey focused on the prospects of over 150 growth-oriented IPOs of the last few years.  Since our founding in 2001 we have refrained from investment banking, company-paid reports, and personal investment in the stocks we research.

Media Contact:

Ben Z. Rose, President,Battle RoadResearch

781-894-0705, ext. 204
[email protected]


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